StreetDrone Selected for Funding by UK Government to Lead Revolutionary Project for Autonomous Vehicle Development on UK Roads

Oct 19th 2023* – In a groundbreaking development for the automotive and autonomous vehicle industry, StreetDrone, alongside industry partners Chassis Autonomy, Alcon and the University of Surrey, has been chosen by the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) to spearhead the development of a validated autonomous vehicle platform capable of running without a driver […]

How autonomous vehicles are revolutionising slow, off-highway environments

Aerial view of agriculture vehicle in a field Photo by Tom Fisk:

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to revolutionise industrial environments, bringing newfound levels of efficiency and productivity. From construction sites to ports, autonomous trucks are dramatically improving operational and environmental efficiencies with faster delivery times and reduced costs in both fuel expenses and labour costs. As companies continue to embrace this technology, what can be expected from autonomous vehicle workflow performance?

How autonomous trucks are transforming the container shipping industry

Aerial view shot of a shipping container boat in a port

For port managers looking for ways to reduce congestion and cut costs, autonomous trucks provide a low-cost, efficient solution for streamlining processes like container loading, moving, and unloading. In this blog post we’ll explore how these cutting-edge technologies are changing the way business is done in port facilities everywhere!

How to select the right automation technology for your distribution centre

Birds eye view of yard tractors and lorries in regional distribution centre

Automation technologies can have a significant impact on business operations in terms of safety, efficiency and cost. It is important to understand the basics of automation technology, as well as analyse the key performance indicators that could be impacted when introducing automation into your distribution centre. 

Benefits of using autonomous fleets in smart ports

Containers and ships in port

Autonomous fleet technologies offer a range of potential benefits over traditional methods of port operation – from increased safety to improved cargo tracking – that are making them an ever-more attractive option for transportation operations managers looking to stay ahead in an ever-changing industry. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various advantages of using autonomous fleets within smart ports, delving into exactly how they could revolutionise your operations.

Overview of automation in distribution centres

V-CAL autonomous truck for yard logistics

Automation has revolutionised many industries, transforming the way businesses store, receive and distribute goods. The logistics sector is no exception; automation in distribution centres has enabled efficient warehouse operations that provide an unparalleled level of accuracy and consistency to businesses across various industries.

Autonomously Reversing an Articulated Vehicle – A Case Study

Blue truck and trailer reversing autonomously

In this case study we’ll explain the solution we’ve implemented to solve this particular issue of trucks reversing into tight loading bays in distribution centres and logistics sites and the results site managers can expect, by adopting these promising new advancements in automation technology and getting ahead of their competitors.

Autonomous Logistics: A New Way to Streamline Your Supply Chain

Autonomous truck delivering parts in a regional distribution centre

Autonomous logistics offers businesses an innovative way to streamline their supply chains while reducing labour costs associated with traditional transportation methods. By utilising autonomous trucks, businesses can ensure their shipments arrive on time and free of damage due to poor reversing skills or human error. For business owners looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition in today’s constantly changing market landscape, investing in autonomous logistics may just be the key they need!