Environmental, Social & Governance


StreetDrone ESG Mission Summary

The StreetDrone ESG Mission Statement emphasises the company’s commitment to addressing pressing global challenges through alignment with the United Nations Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Environmental and Sustainability

StreetDrone prioritises reducing emissions in industrial transportation, recognizing the significant contribution of industrial operations to CO2 emissions and air pollutants. Their mission involves integrating net-zero hybrid and electric autonomous vehicles, retrofitting existing vehicles, and optimising operational efficiency to minimise environmental impact and promote sustainability.


StreetDrone aims to improve working conditions, enhance safety, and promote social inclusivity. By deploying autonomous technology and teleoperation, they mitigate risks and create safer environments for workers. Teleoperation also opens opportunities for a broader demographic, including people with physical disabilities, and promotes gender equality by breaking down traditional barriers. The company invests in retraining programs, creating pathways for workers in the transport industry to transfer skills to teleoperation roles and improve job satisfaction.


StreetDrone focuses on transparency, safety, and responsible business conduct. They communicate clearly about their autonomous driving technologies, adhere to rigorous safety protocols, and work closely with regulatory bodies to ensure compliance. The company actively seeks partnerships and collaborations, embraces inclusivity in its governance model, and considers ethical decision-making and corporate social responsibility.

StreetDrone aims to integrate sustainability, social impact, and responsible governance into their operations and decision-making processes, contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive future in the industrial sector.