Interoperable Simulation – StreetDrone helps showcase UK’s new virtual CAM testing capabilities as first proof of concept customer

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Last week, we joined Zenzic, Millbrook Proving Ground, Midlands Future Mobility, WMG and Smart Mobility Living Lab in presenting the results of the “Interoperable Simulation” project; a showcase of new virtual testing capabilities for autonomous vehicle technology as part of TestBed UK.

StreetDrone was designated as the first organisation to utilise the new Interoperable Simulation concept that combines multiple interoperable virtual testing environment assets across the UK. In this environment, autonomous vehicle technology developers can integrate their technology once, then seamlessly access a range of state-of-the-art technologies from different organisations across all of the testbeds. These technologies include WMG’s national scenario database, live traffic data from SMLL and Millbrook’s driver in the loop simulator.

The integration involved the linking of Project ASLAN open-source autonomous driving software along with StreetDrone’s e-NV200 vehicle with other cutting-edge technologies such as IPG Automotive’s vehicle dynamics and models, rFPro environments, Claytex sensor models and real-world traffic data from Vissim. The combination of these technologies allowed simulation of challenging scenarios such as hidden pedestrians, GPS outage, and unruly human drivers that would normally be excluded from StreetDrone’s ODD (Operational Design Domain).

StreetDrone has extensive usage of simulation technologies in our mission to accelerate the deployment of connected and autonomous vehicles. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Aiding the development of the Project ASLAN open source stack (e.g. rapid algorithmic testing in various scenarios, worlds and edge cases)
  • Sensor testing, fault detection and handling 
  • Redundancy and reliability design
  • Quickly developing hardware and software specifications aligned with customer requirements and their target ODD
  • Fast-prototyping and testing of different software solutions
  • Assistance in verification and validation of autonomous driving systems alongside extensive real-world testing
  • Quality assurance and software validation.

Overall, simulation helps StreetDrone to accelerate time-to-market, by reducing engineering time and cost. This is exceptionally important in our mission to commercialise autonomy quickly by driving down the costs of deployment. 

Interoperable Simulation capability provides benefits through access to third-party toolsets, enabling StreetDrone to leverage varied capabilities (e.g. Hardware-in-the-Loop, Vehicle-in-the-Loop and real-world traffic data) with minimal integration effort, thereby accelerating time to market. 

StreetDrone is looking forward to utilising, and contributing to Testbed’s UK leading simulation capability in the years to come.

Watch the Interoperable Simulation Summary here:

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