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Autonomous truck delivering parts in a regional distribution centre

Autonomous Logistics: A New Way to Streamline Your Supply Chain

Autonomous logistics offers businesses an innovative way to streamline their supply chains while reducing labour costs associated with traditional transportation methods. By utilising autonomous trucks, businesses can ensure their shipments arrive on time and free of damage due to poor reversing skills or human error. For business owners looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition in today’s constantly changing market landscape, investing in autonomous logistics may just be the key they need!

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Real working autonomous truck by StreetDrone

StreetDrone Tech Delivers Autonomously to Nissan Car Plant

On June 10th 2022 StreetDrone’s technology, built into a 40-tonne Terberg logistics vehicle, as part of the part-UK government funded 5G CAL (5G Connected Automated Logistics), delivered a fully-loaded trailer autonomously from an on-site parts warehouse via a live delivery route to the main Nissan car plant.

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StreetDrone Smart 1 Terminal benefits for teleautonomous industrial logistics

Smart Terminal 1 and Automation in Industrial Logistics

Industry 4.0 has seen many processes scale to high levels of automation from robotic production at one end of manufacturing to automated order, pick and pack at the other. With 69% of company boardrooms demanding better hyperautomation to improve quality and productivity while reducing cost and environmental impacts, the automation of industrial logistics is about to step into the light.

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