Ensuring cybersecure deployments of driverless teleoperated vehicle

Project made possible through funding providedby the UK Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV)

ENCODE aims to investigate the cybersecurity risks associated with multi-driver systems, and implement measures, including secure connectivity, to facilitate safe deployment of such systems. Project work involves engagement with key stakeholders such as DfT and CCAV, to validate and further best practices, and will culminate in a live trial of multi-driver vehicles in London and Oxford to showcase project outcomes.

ENCODE is delivered by StreetDrone (Preston EV Ltd), a leading UK CAV developer, focused on low-speed applications of automation including first-/last-mile deliveries; TRL, safety specialists and key team behind Smart Mobility Living Lab testbed; Coventry University cybersecurity experts; Angoka Ltd, a start-up providing protected communications and Oxfordshire County Council, a leading innovator among local authorities in the adoption of CAV technology.

Read more about the ENCODE Safety Case Study Framework Case Study created by ZENZIC

StreetDrone public road testing

About Encode

ENCODE is a collaborative industrial research project, led by Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) developer StreetDrone, that aims to reduce time to market for connected and automated vehicle technology in the movement of goods. The project centres on the use of ‘multi-driver’ vehicles, and accompanying security and safety assurance, to enable StreetDrone and the UK to be first to market in the automation of the freight supply chain. A ‘multi-driver’ vehicle is one which can be driven via in-vehicle operator, remote operator, or autonomous driving stack (ADS).

A significant barrier to the widespread deployment of autonomous mobility of people and goods, is achieving the level of technical maturity required to deal with all possible scenarios in the target environments. The range of scenarios to which a CAV can respond under autonomous mode is known as an Operational Design Domain (ODD). If this ODD does not match with the conditions expected in a particular environment (e.g. a busy sub-urban neighbourhood for last-mile deliveries), as the technology is not sufficiently mature, and a safety case cannot be justified, then a vehicle cannot be scalably deployed without safety drivers in situ. “Level 5” deployments (as per the recognised SAE levels) are not therefore possible with current state of the art.

Project ENCODE will alleviate this problem, by examining the safe and secure integration of ‘teleoperation’, the ability for a remote operator to assist a CAV when the situation deems it necessary. Safe and secure teleoperation here allows a remote operator to service multiple vehicles, realising a clear commercial opportunity in cost saving over traditional 1:1 vehicle-driver ratios.

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